Welcome the elegance and the sophistication of our luxury vinyl into any room of your home. Our online vinyl showroom will help you design your perfect space.

Every uniquely crafted plank will ensure the luxurious style you are after.

Our dynamic range of vinyl was built to hold onto its beauty, even under high traffic, high moisture, and high impact.




Wood Composite 


Made from wood pulp – Ideal for residential flooring


Stone Composite


Made from Limestone – Ideal for high traffic areas

There are two primary cores used to create the luxury rigid vinyl flooring, WPC (Wood Pulp Composite) and SPC (Limestone Pulp Composite). Each type is constructed differently which provides its own unique benefits that makes it better suited for certain design areas.

Main Features


Kid & Pet Friendly

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Scratch Resistant

Fade & Stain Resistant

Indentation Resistant

Lifetime Warranty

Picture it. Design it. Buy it. Let your floor come to life.

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WPC is a combination of wood pulp materials that creates a relatively thick core layer. This results in the following unique features; excellent sound absorption qualities, soft comfortable underfoot feeling and creates warmth inside the room. Ideal for kitchens where you stand for longer periods of time.


SPC is a combination of limestone materials that creates a thin dense core layer that is hard with little resilience. This results in the following unique features; highly resistant to dents, but comfortable to stand on. This very uniquely crafted floor is also unaffected by extreme variations in temperatures.

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