Please follow these guidelines to help extend the appearance and the life of your luxury vinyl floor.

Vinyl Collections:
  • Conceptual Deluxe
  • VinylConcept Plus
  • VinylConcept Plus 360
  • VinylVision
  • VinylVision 360
Maintenance & Care Instructions:
  • Proper cleaning methods are an essential part of keeping your floor attractive and increase its overall longevity.
  • Prior to cleaning, allow the floor to bond to the subfloor for 48 hours (if glued down) – Protect your floor when moving heavy furniture with runner boards or dollies
  • Felt pads are strongly recommended under furniture, tables, chairs, to prevent scratches etc
  • Place walk off mats at doorways – Sweep or vacuum the room(s) thoroughly
  • Mineral spirits can be used to remove marks or residual adhesive off the wear layer
  • Does not require the use of wax or polish
  • Never clean with vinegar

Dry sweep or vacuum floor before wet cleaning to ensure that dirt and grit is removed.

  1. Mist floor cleaner on a small section of the floor.
  2. Wipe off floor section using micro-fibre mop pad, rinse or replace cleaning pad when soiled.
  3. On stubborn spots, or sticky spills, etc, spray cleaner directly onto spot and let it work a few minutes 4. Scrub spot with a terry cloth/cleaning pad.